winfun® Brand

winfun® was founded in Hong Kong in 2005.We are one of the world’s leading providers of baby and kids products designed for different developmental phases.

winfun® products have a range of fun and educational features that systematically help to improve children’s skills at different stages of their development, including cognitive, physical and social. Our products are designed to stimulate children’s imagination and interest in new objects – as our name suggests, we want children to ‘win’ new skills while having ‘fun’.


"Winning is only half of it,  having fun is the other half"

As the American football coach Bum Phillips once said during his 30-year career

Our Motive

Every child deserves a fun filled childhood and our motive is to club education with their toy world so that your child not only grows physically but mentally as well . winfun®’s product development team includes a number of child psychologists and parents .All of our products are designed based on our ‘CPS’ concept (cognitive, physical and social skills) to ensure that they meet children’s needs at different stages of their development.Our CPS concept allows children to acquire a comprehensive range of skills and helps parents to play an active role in their children’s development. Our motive is to make every child a Genius Child while letting him enjoy his golden days.

Our Products

Every day at winfun ® starts with an idea to attain perfection in every niche of toy designing we are catering to. Since our beginning we are working on even the minute aspects of a toy regarding safety, skill development and impact it will create on the mind of your little one. Our complete range covers up many niches of your kids playing and entertainment needs. We have a wide range of toys designed for your infants, preschoolers, boys and girls. Beside this we also produce remote control toys, water fun, music station, kids’ electronics, and fun toy range to serve the needs of your child from birth to school.

To create health, wisdom and happiness for children's growth

To become a world-class educational group and unlock children's unlimited potential


More imagination space for children to exert endless creativity


win multiple inspirations during the fun process


Systematic learning to improve children's comprehensive ability


winfun® Products meet international safety testing standards