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Winfun is a Hong Kong-based company that was established in 2005 to provide innovative and engaging baby and kids products that aid in their cognitive, physical and social development. Our range of products are designed to bring a sense of enjoyment and excitement to the learning process, encouraging children to explore new concepts and ideas while having fun. Our goal is to help children "win" new skills by sparking their imagination and curiosity in a playful and interactive way. As the famous American football coach Bum Phillips once said, "Winning is only half of it, having fun is the other half", and we believe that this sentiment perfectly encapsulates our approach to child development.




Our Motive


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Every child deserves a vibrant and joyful childhood filled with laughter and learning. At winfun®, we strive to blend education seamlessly into the world of play, so that your child can grow not just physically, but mentally too. Our team of experts includes child psychologists and parents who work together to design products that cater to the cognitive, physical, and social needs of children at different stages of their development. Using our innovative CPS concept, we aim to equip children with a comprehensive range of skills, while also empowering parents to take an active role in their child's growth and development. Our ultimate goal? To help every child unlock their inner genius and enjoy the magic of childhood to the fullest!

Our Products


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At winfun ®, each day is an opportunity to push the boundaries of toy design and strive for perfection in every aspect. From the very beginning, we've been dedicated to creating toys that are not only entertaining but also safe, promote skill development, and have a positive impact on your child's mind. Our extensive range caters to a variety of niches in your child's play and entertainment needs. Whether you're looking for toys for infants, preschoolers, boys, or girls, we've got you covered. We also offer a variety of other options, including remote control toys, water toys, music stations, electronics for kids, and a fun range of toys that will grow with your child from birth to school. At winfun ®, we're constantly innovating and creating, because we believe that every child deserves the very best in playtime fun and learning.

To create health, wisdom and happiness for children's growth

To become a world-class educational group and unlock children's unlimited potential


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More imagination space for children to exert endless creativity

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win multiple inspirations during the fun process

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Systematic learning to improve children's comprehensive ability

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winfun® Products meet international safety testing standards